NEMES Meeting

7 April 2005

Our speaker for the April meeting was be David Hochstrasser. David and his brother Ross operate the Clock Shop in Hanover Mass. Ross was scheduled to be with us also but an emergency clock packing job came up and he was unable to make it. Their subject was the restoration project of the tower clock on Boston's Custom House. Their web site: contains a number of interesting newspaper articles about the project. It turned out to be one of the most interesting talks we have heard.  Look for the complete review in the May 2005 NEMES Gazette.  


P4070131.JPG (19501 bytes)  At the start of every meeting we have a "show and tell:" time.  Since this meeting was the anniversary of our founding ten years ago (thank you SO much Ron Ginger!) member Henry Szostek was asked to recount a story he had told at that first meeting.     After Henry's retelling of the tale a show of hands was called for of those present who might have been at that first meeting in 1995.  About 17 hands went up including myself.  There were probably about seventy folks present in the hall.

P4070129.JPG (19660 bytes)  David brought some samples of the parts they had to make or re-make for the Custom House Tower project

P4070130.JPG (29099 bytes)  This wheel shows some repaired teeth (left edge)

P4070132.JPG (14952 bytes)  Our President Norm Jones hands the microphone to David at the start of the talk

P4070135.JPG (12790 bytes)  Sadly the rest of these pictures are not the quality I strive for on these pages.  They are photos of the slides that David was showing and didn't come out very well.  Indeed, if a kind soul sitting behind me had not suggested that I try shooting without the flash there would have been no pictures at all!

P4070137.JPG (11833 bytes)  This is a gear box that actually drives the hands of the clock

P4070138.JPG (10195 bytes)  The main clock mechanism was originally center in the tower.  When a renovation too place it was necessary to move the mechanism to an offset position and the shafts that connect the main drive to the gear boxes had to be creatively altered to suit.  Now some of the shafts have to run through walls and a stair well. 

P4070139.JPG (11507 bytes) The device hanging off the right end of the shaft is a counterbalance which enables minor adjustments of the hands as necessary.

Again, for much more information about this very informative talk please see the May Gazette when it comes out next month. 

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