May 2005 Meeting of the

New England Model Engineering Society


Our main speaker this month was Rich Saporetti of Greenfield Cleveland Twist Drill.  Rich presented an interesting talk and supplied us with several publications which are presented here in Word document or Adobe PDF format.

Sales 1 DOC       Sales Doc        Drills PDF     Drills 1 PDF    Sharpening PDF    Sharpening 1 PDF

Errol Groff passed out copies of the following article about drill bit sharpening. It was authored by Robert Barstow and was posted in the rec.crafts.metalworking newsgroup.

TeeNut's drill sharpening method DOC

P5050007_S.JPG (68172 bytes)  The subject of the evening was drill sharpening and several different types of sharpening devices were brought to the meeting.  This Darex was the at the top of the heap.

P5050008_S.JPG (57867 bytes)   Rich Saporetti of Greenfield Cleveland Twist Drill

P5050009_S.JPG (67939 bytes)  Bob Niedorf who had put together this meeting talks about the Droll Doctor brand sharpener he had brought

P5050010_S.JPG (52858 bytes)  Gene Martha talks about the modifications he made to an inexpensive drill sharpener to make it more effective.

P5050011_S.JPG (37277 bytes)  One of the "show and tell" item brought to this meeting was this very interesting lifting device that would have been used for loading nuclear tipped missles aboard submarines. 

P5050012_S.JPG (113515 bytes)  This gadget goes into the hollow axle of an airliner and by means of strain gages lets the pilot know what loads are being carried by each landing gear set.