2003 New England Model Engineering Society Annual Show

P2150010.jpg (54489 bytes) 1/4 Scale Ford V8 by Ed Rogers

P2150011.jpg (65137 bytes)  1/4 Scale Ford V8 by Ed Rogers

P2150012.jpg (64040 bytes) Vertical Engine by Ed Rogers

P2150014.jpg (61068 bytes)  Gorgeous boat by Ed Rogers

P2150016.jpg (37309 bytes)  Small engine parts by Harvey Noel

P2150017.jpg (62759 bytes)  This interesting drill sharpening rig is by Gene Martha

P2150019.jpg (57264 bytes) Rollie Gaucher (standing right) chats with Harvey Noel (seated left) and Gene Martha (seated right)

P2150020.jpg (51882 bytes)  A pulse jet has only one moving part and makes the most God awful noise

P2150021.jpg (57215 bytes)  This digital readout set up is a long term project of Dick Jones.  It is mounted on his South Bend lathe normally

P2150023.jpg (49010 bytes)  This ball bearing clock is a work in progress by Bill Brackett.  Bill's South Pointing Chinese Chariot and cast grinding wheel cover are shown on other pages.

P2150025.jpg (63709 bytes)  Steve Cushman built this excellent taper attachment

P2150027.jpg (54024 bytes)  Another nifty project by Steve is this ball turning attachment.  He drives it with a battery drill for smooth action.

P2150028.jpg (72830 bytes)  Bill (L) and Steve (R) look pleased with their work.





P2150033.jpg (71718 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher chats with a show visitor.  In the foreground is a 2 liter pop bottle rocket launcher that was shown recently n the H.S.M. companion publication.  The difference between myself and Rollie is that I intend to build things but Rollie goes ahead and builds them!


P2150031.jpg (54604 bytes)Al Meyer bought this casting set at Cabin Fever and has some interesting ideas for pouring the babbitt bearings that the shaft requires.

P2150034.jpg (63930 bytes)  Rollie Evans built this steam engine.  Not seen behind it is a scale model of the boiler Rollie is having built for his latest steam launch project.  It drew a great deal of attention at Cabin Fever a few weeks ago.

P2150035.jpg (76217 bytes)  These engines are the work of our current president Norm Jones

P2150036.jpg (88469 bytes)  That's Norm in the red shirt at the right and in the background to the left of the table is John Rex

P2150038.jpg (87904 bytes)  In front of John Rex is his flame licker engine.

P2150040.jpg (69648 bytes)  This "Mary" beam engine was built by Todd Cahill

P2150042.jpg (62751 bytes)  Also by Todd is this M.E. beam engine

P2150043.jpg (86210 bytes)

P2150045.jpg (46378 bytes)  Dave Osier's Elbow Engine.  Dave says that the sensible model engine enthusiast carries a tiny engine like this pocket size beauty instead of a van full of heavy equipment.

P2150046.jpg (74928 bytes)  Dave Stickler knows how to relax no matter what the setting.

P2150047.jpg (58673 bytes) This Reeves "Double Tangye", was built by Dave Stickler


P2150049.jpg (65856 bytes)  Dave also brought this "Tiny Power "Ajax"

P2150051.jpg (38483 bytes)  This Stuart Turner #4 built by Dave was, I thought (personal opinion only) it was the sweetest looking engine at the show.  Again, just my opinion. The castings are ripoffs from a guy in Canada, not from Stuart.  Our newsletter editor Mike Boucher bought a casting set from the same source.

P2150052.jpg (62825 bytes)  Dave Shepard with one of his model Ballista upon which his team built the fill size machine that they used at last falls Punkin Chunkin competition in Maryland.

P2150053.jpg (53752 bytes)  When Bob Nierdorf's wife mentioned that she would like to learn to play the harp he did the only sensible thing that a model engineering fellow could do.  He built her one!

P2150054.jpg (52030 bytes)  Bob and the harp.

P2150055.jpg (55243 bytes)  Sam Sweeney (L) showing his marble pump to a visitor. I am told that Sam would rather build things than watch TV or play video games.  There IS hope for the younger generation!

P2150056.jpg (67818 bytes)  Mac McIlvaine with his Gingery Lathe project and an organ pipe he built, just because.


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